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Solar water heating

Solar heating of water for industrial purposes

High performance solar system for water heating with long lifetime. This system can provide water heating for your own consumption for at least 7 months a year without need of any other heat source (electricity, natural gas, etc.). Moreover, thanks to antifreeze liquid, the system can be used even in the winter season.


Two collectors C01-20 with heat-pipe technology
Divalent storage for TUV (boiler)
Functional unit with a controller
Expansion vessel


All year with cost saving on water heating

Volume of boiler:

200 - 1000 l


15 years on vacuum tubes, 3 years on other components of set

Recommended emplacement:

South to the shift to 15 degrees; area 3m2


solarni ohrev vody

Solar water heating

Solar water heating system SOL produces over 2200kWh of thermal energy in a year. SOLis being offered as a whole set composed of two collectors C01-20, control and functional unit with a pump, 200L boiler with electric heating system and expansion vessel. Matter of course is assembling by us.

We offer also other sets, which can produce even more thermal energy, we are able to meet your requirements.

Solar water heating - Usage

Solar water heating can be used in a place of minimum area 4m2 of South, Southeast or Southwest orientation. It‘s typically used for flat or pitched roof, frontage or free outdoor area suitable for placement. For fixing the roof tiles are used battens or other roof structure.

So if you do not want to continue to pay high prices for water heating, establish your own solar heating. We can help with that!