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About company - SERVIS SOLAR 24 spol. s r.o.

Are you sick of paying high bills for electricity? Don’t wait for the moment when your electricity suppliers will reduce the price for you. It won‘t happen! Build your own power plant; we will help you with all of that.

SERVIS SOLAR 24 spol. s r.o. specializes in designing, servicing and implementing terrestrial realizations of PV plants. We are servicing and implementing photovoltaic roof plants on the turn-key basis. We are also engaged in consultancy or even in supplying components for building the PV (photovoltaic) plants. Our company was found in 2012 and it’s following on activity of earlier company SOLAR LK spol. s r.o., which was found in 2009 and from it’s beginning it has implemented many terrestrial and roof PV plants, which we are also servicing till now.

servis solar 24

With realization of PV plant our work is not over. SERVIS SOLAR 24 spol. s r.o. offers many other additional services to you.  Thanks to them you have your photovoltaic plant constantly under control throughout its lifetime. We offer entire warranty or non-warranty service; we are also monitoring the power output of your PV plant 24 hours a day. Thanks to that we have your PV plant under constant supervision and in the case of any kind of troubles we know about them immediately so we can start to solve them right away! Our service technicians are available to you anytime and in the case of needing service we guarantee departure of our technicians till 12 hours after report.

Our activity

  • complex construction of photovoltaic power plants on a turn-key basis
  • power optimization and remote surveillance of PV plant 24 hours daily
  • delivery of materials, components, panels and other types of material needed for PV plants
  • ensuring the individual work for building photovoltaic plants
  • entire warranty or non-warranty service
  • elaborating project documentation, energy audit, study of connectivity
  • application of device connectivity to the grid
  • preparation and processing agreements with the owner of the grid system
  • preparation and processing of all documentations needed for Energetic regulation bureau
  • preparation of documents for processing the loan for building photovoltaic plant
  • handling the building permits for constructing photovoltaic plant
  • consultancy in the field of photovoltaic

We offer these services to you

  1. study of feasibility – economic and technical analysis, preparation of documents for the loan
  2. designing – project documentations, building permits, energetic and static opinion, application for connecting the plant to the grid
  3. realization – delivering individual components, communication devices, installation, connection, revision of devices, issue the operational rules, parallel connection of plant to the grid
  4. connection to the grid and license – application of joining the grid, apply for a license, assistance with insurance
  5. service and monitoring – remote assistance and surveillance 24 hours a day, entire guarantee or non-warranty servicing